Broad range of Electronic Manufacturing Services

We have extensive knowledge and expertise to implement high complexity and high quality EMS production. Our process will support you from idea all the way till your product is out in the market place.


In the ideation process, together we break through rigid thought patterns and enter the creative process. Problems are turned into customer-oriented solutions which we can test, close to the market, for economic efficiency and technical feasibility.
We develop electronic and mechanical prototypes so you can thoroughly test your product at an early stage. When the future product is physically present for the first time, it becomes tangible for everyone involved.


Our development team converts challenging tasks into technical solutions. You decide in which development phase you want to involve us. Right from the start we take into account how production and testing will be carried out later.


We manufacture your product in small and medium quantities, flexibly, economically and in excellent quality. You can have the entire range of components, parts and mechanical devices economically processed here.

Working together...

When partnering with the Factory Hub, you get access to all TELE’s resources under one roof, from SMT systems to the THT process, assembly and final production through to packaging and warehousing.

In addition, we are familiar with both special machine and test equipment construction and know which standards have to be taken into account in the respective step of development. If a suitable solution is not available, we rely on a network of partners for special tasks (e.g., 3D printing, customised housing, coating technologies, sheet metal construction).

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