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The notion of an inherent human thirst for knowledge is not new: it has been …

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As we spend countless hours on screens to interact with the world, we notice a …

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VIENNAUP21 – TechTalk AI Robotic

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VIENNAUP21 – TechTalk with WÜRTH Electronics

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Is the future of printing 4D?

Additive manufacturing has arrived. Whether in house construction or in dental technology. 3D printing is …

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Next Narrative Curiosity Machine #Part1/3

In this blog series, we want to deal with the origin of every startup. Namely …

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#3 SOCIAL TREND – Teams are made of this

For years, technology has reframed our relationships with work, working hours and workspaces. This shift …

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FactoryHub Vision Statement

Hossam and Chris set out to implement a new sustainable vision for the FactoryHub. They …

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#2 SOCIAL TREND – Collective collaborative Displacement

Last year, the world collectively experienced displacement. How (and where) we do so many things …

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#1 SOCIAL TREND – DIY Innovation

Innovation isn’t just driven by technology and devices; it’s also a product of people’s ingenuity …

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StartUps in Co-Creation

Cooperation between Amescon and Apertus Cooperation between Amescon and apertus° The FactoryHub Community developed an …

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Energy self-sufficiency

Balance sheet energy self-sufficiency – a IMM project Being open for new things In the …

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Community Breakfast – “First Contact”

Breakfast by Factory-Hub In 14th July the community life experienced an upswing. After the corona-related …

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Glocalize it!

one:solutions starts series production at the Vienna location with the help of “Factory Hub Vienna” …

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Helpsole “2 million 2 minutes”

The startup helpsole has developed a shoe sole that is intended to help people with …

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Ready for series prodcution

apertus° at the Factory Hub Vienna apertus° is a community, founded in 2008 by filmmakers …

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Nasa Space Apps Challenge 2019 @ Factory Hub Vienna

From 19 to 21 October 2019, the NASA Space Apps Challenge took place It is …

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Factory Hub Vienna at the Global Startup Weekend Women

International startup event for women in Vienna Melanie Ruff, Hub agent of the Factory Hub …

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