Funding is essential, but it's not just about cash.

We’ve been doing hardware for the past 60 years, and we know that building a hard tech startup is hard, and doesn’t follow the typical startup playbook. It requires founders who are ready to get their hands dirty to go through the complexity of electronics, mechanical systems, selection of materials, and managing supply chain and manufacturing.

We support hard tech startups with our experience, tools, community, partners, and distribution network. But we would like to go a step further and offer funding opportunities to a select number of startups up to 50,000 Euro. This funding will be in the form of support with product development, prototyping, and discounts towards electronic manufacturing services and serial production with Tele.

When startups apply, we assess the vision, customer understanding, team, development milestones, and what kind of support is required at this stage. If accepted, we will onboard the startup into our community and work together to accelerate product development and production.

Contact us and let us know what are you working on.