StartUps in Co-Creation

November 17, 2020

Cooperation between Amescon and Apertus


Within the FactoryHub Community an exciting project has developed.

Two hub members Axiom and Apertus have built a machine in a long lasting cooperation, which is not part of the normal StartUp work.

Daniel Amesberger owner of Amscon and Sebastian owner of Apertus. We met them and talked about their project.


Amescon is a specialist in automation, Apertus manufactures an OpenSource camera. 

How did you come to this project? 


7 years ago you had the first idea for such a small handy pick and place machine and because in this segment price and performance where it needed something was not available. During this time these PaP machines were either in the hobby area with few functions or they were just many functions and expensive.



We have a lot of hardware and small components and we still build them by hand! The need was to automate this and do it with one machine! It was a mixture of wanting to build something by yourself and solving an existing problem. To build something by yourself was also very exciting as a startup from the perspective of being independent. All in all it was also a learning process to see how we could meet this challenge.

We met Daniel here through contacts from the Factory Hub and so we got to know each other where we know someone who knows someone and so we found Daniel.


How did you approach the project?


First we screened the existing system and made him aware of what he really needed. We looked for an optimal solution from the two domains of inexpensive and performance-oriented, covering everything necessary – what is necessary and what is within the budget.

We also had to make compromises.


How did the cooperation with Apertus come about?


In the beginning, the solution was only to be developed for our requirements. With Altium Design, a program was also developed specifically for our requirements.

I got to know Axiom 5 years ago and they had the same problem for the hardware assembly.

They then decided to use a common software language based on OüpenPnP.



We were subleased and hand-populated and then the opportunity arose to get something going together.


How was the common working time created and arranged?


That grew naturally, it wasn’t planned. Nothing was planned.

It simply arose out of necessity.

In this case, there was no need for project plans because there was no commercialization behind it. It was simply the desire to solve a problem in the foreground.



At the beginning we were on the topic 1 or 2 days a week! And so we kept on working on the project and so it grew from week to week.


Where is the project today?


Small series were produced on the machine.

At the moment, we are in the process of upgrading the equipment to improve many topics such as interface topics, software, better camera and much more for new requirements of even smaller components.

And the goal is to make it work for all software packages that are used.



We hope that we will soon be able to produce large series at Tele, but for prototypes we would still like to develop this self-built machine further.


Thanks a lot Daniel and Sebastian for the exciting insights.


Well, there is still a lot to do on the machine, but it was possible to show what is possible in a place where creative minds see problems with curiosity and solve them with implementation urge and competence.


This A-Team gets the triple AAA rating for collaboration and creativity.


Met by chance – brought together by a common problem – connected by shared space.


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