Energy self-sufficiency

September 2, 2020

Balance sheet energy self-sufficiency - a IMM project

Being open for new things

In the course of the Industry Meets Makers we started an exciting journey. We asked ourselves the question – Can we manage to make Tele 2025 energy self-sufficient? The people in the tele-cosmos can be won over immediately to such topics.

We decided to expand the PV system. No sooner said than done with the Factory-Hub family member 3F Solar, we also have a competent partner directly in the Factory-Hub. Thought done! After the installation of the PV system extension, Nymea was won as a partner from the IMM. Nymea and Simon have the task of recording the energy data of the building. From this data we will be able to deduce how much energy surplus we have and then we can discuss how we can use this energy.



It always requires people for such projects who feel the need to come together and the desire to collaborate, as well as the urge to get such topics on the ground of implementation unhindered by all difficulties. This project shows how quickly a startegy of energy self-sufficiency Tele 2025 out of the organization – combined with the will to implement – can lead to an exciting project.


The Factory-Hub offers with its environment brings people from Organiastion (Tele) – StartUps together and gives them the opportunity to think and implement great things.

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