Helpsole “2 million 2 minutes”

March 9, 2020

The startup helpsole has developed a shoe sole that is intended to help people with Parkinson and was invited to present the development in TV format “2 minutes 2 millions” to investors. The intelligent sole detects when the patient suffers a so-called “freezing” – a sudden freezing in his movement – and sets a stimulus, whereby the condition is released and the patient can go on again.

Industrial Consulting at Factory Hub Vienna

So that the performance could be a success, helpsole sought effective support in advance. At the high-tech incubator IniTS, with Melanie Ruff, they found the perfect mentor, because Melanie is also a hub manager at the Factory Hub Vienna at TELE Haase. For helpsole she not only organized suitable TELE premises for the shooting day preparation but also a free, funded industrialization consulting in the Factory Hub Vienna with lots of information about the transfer of a prototype to the series product and tips for selecting suitable production partners.

Exciting television pitch

On this basis, nothing could go wrong with “2 minutes 2 million”. Philipp Lederle, Ferdinand Perktold and neurologist Dieter Volc from helpsole presented their idea confidently and convinced all along the line. Juror Peter Haselsteiner immediately offered himself as a “capital partner” and instead of the required 50.000 euros initial investment for 5 percent, offered a sum of 250.000 euros for a 25 percent stake. Katharina Schneider joined with another 50.000 euros. In this way helpsole can now definitely carry out the first clinical tests and also has a financial cushion so that the next step can then be used to gain further funding for the development and manufacture of the product. A total of around 1 million euros will be needed to bring the product to market by autumn 2021.

Intelligent sole makes everyday life easier for people with Parkinson

helpsole helps patients with Parkinson’s disease to cope better with their everyday life. Compared to other products that are already available, the shoe insert automatically detects when so-called “freezing” occurs. Freezing describes the state of the unpredictable stiffness of the patients in their movement. This phenomenon can occur in a wide variety of everyday situations. In the worst case, people fall due to a freezing episode because they want to continue walking, but their legs no longer respond. The intelligent sole from helpsole creates a tactile stimulus that interrupts freezing and thus makes everyday life easier for up to 3,000,000 people with Parkinson and increases their autonomy.

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